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Getting the fake FTDI chips to work on your windows 8.1 machine


I purchased some devices on ebay from a seller in China. One of the devices was a USB to RS232 converter which uses the FTDI FT232RL chip. When I plugged it in the drivers did not load for it. After a few emails from FTDI support, it turns out that the FTDI chip on the device was a fake. So I did some research and with the help of fellow forum members at, was able to unbrick my devices that used the fake FTDI chips.

Click CDM v2.10.00 WHQL Certified to download the FTDI CDM v2.10.00 drivers.

Follow the instructions in this youtube video to get the drivers to work. I recommend going to device manager and right clicking on the device which should have a yellow exclamation point then select uninstall. Also check the box to delete the drivers.

Lesson learned…


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I learned a lesson when purchasing hardware from ebay. Make sure what you are getting has genuine equipment. Clones are ok but when you have trouble, you are usually stuck with a piece of junk. I recently bought an arduino pro mini clone that came with a usb to serial converter which has an FT232RL chip from I plugged the adapter into my usb port and the drivers did not load for it. After a few days of research, I contacted ftdi support and sent them a screen shot of their usb view software and they confirmed that the device indeed has a NON-GENUINE ftdi chip.

I purchased a nano clone from from phantom yo-yo. I used it a few times and had great luck with it. Then over the weekend it stopped working. The same issue here, fake ftdi chips. Money wasted. Here is the one I purchased:

If you are concerned with your FTDI hardware, send them a screen shot of the usb view to They will respond promptly.