Blade mCPX Tail Boom Repair


Decided to repair my mCPx heli. The last time I flew it, it crashed in such a manner that the tail boom cracked and as such was deemed not air-worthy. I found a stick of 2.5mm fiberglass rod and decided to give it a shot. The rod is larger than the original material and is also solid. The original boom was a hollow tube at 2mm diameter. I didn’t have a metric drill bit so I used an fractional bit of the next smaller size at 3/32″. The rod fit and was a bit tight which is good so it doesn’t slip out. After re-soldering the wires back onto the connector and taping the now loose wires onto the boom, it was time for a test flight. The heli hovered great and I was pleased with the outcome. Now I have a heli that I can fly and don’t have to worry as much about the boom cracking in the event of a crash.


Blade mCPx
Repaired Blade mCPx